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When I set out to start this was going to be a quick and easy...but the deeper I searched for pictures of meaning...I have relived the growth and the struggles and the joy in finding myself over the last 2 1/2 years.
I was at a low in my self confidence. I was a little over a year postpartum and my skin was the worst it had ever been. I was 6 months in with accutane for my cystic acne, my skin was clearing but the side effects had taken its toll on the hydration of my skin, the luminosity, the texture. My lips peeled and cracked and while I was dealing with treating the acne I was trying to be the face of my business (another cosmetic line). How can I sell these products when I have to filter my pictures to be confident enough to post them?!
I believe I have always had the entrepreneurial spirit in me. I had a decently sized team...not because of anything I had personally mindset was immature and my heart believed how could I be a leader when I didn’t even believe in myself. 
...Enters SeneGence
My friend Lauren had just started advertising about this amazing all day lip color...A product that I heard about many many times...the product that burned when you put it on, the product that I flat out said...I would NEVER use. Here is where the trust factor comes in...she is someone who’s opinion I valued...someone I thought wouldn’t steer my wrong. If it was good enough for HER...then heck yea...why not give it a try. Mind lips were desperate for a remedy. I had tried everything! I order Bombshell and a starter collection and used religiously for 2 weeks and I was completely sold!!! Just for my lips sake!!! I was excited about the potential of actually getting to wear a lip color instead of Chapstick.
...the opportunity presents itself
I messaged Lauren so I could get a second color...and she said why don’t you just sign up and get all your colors at a discount. Hook, line, sinker. Being a business woman...this was what it was all about...buying at cost!!! Ummm hard to pass up an opportunity to get my lip color 50% off! I thought about it...all of 2 hours and decided I was going to sign up just for the discount. I was already involved in another cosmetic line...where I couldn’t wear the lip colors (here’s me trying to justify my decision) and I was doing pretty well selling a children’s clothing line. I was only doing it for the discount!!! I placed my first order that night...posted that I had a few extras when they came in...and it spread like wildfire. My sales and team grew FAST. ​
...The turning point​
I used the foundation...and it stayed on my face...ALL DAY LONG! I officially made the decision to terminate my distributorship with the other company.

I hit my first fast start selling LipSense alone and received a chunk of the skincare line as my incentive. I began using the skincare in January of 2017. After 4 week there was a glow to my skin...something I had not seen since I was in high school. At the 6 week mark I knew I had hit gold with this skincare line!

But...this post isn’t about the obvious amazing skincare and cosmetics. ​
This post is about the bigger picture and how SeneGence provided an opportunity to see my full potential, to grow me, to believe in myself, to live outside my comfort zone, to embrace the flaws and quirks and live a life of love and abundance. Daily I work on these things!!​
This company has blessed me in so many ways, but it's been much more than just selling lipstick!!!  I have gained self confidence, and actually feel comfortable in my skin! I embrace my quirks and not knowing what to do with my hands 😜
I have had so much personal growth as well and grown as a leader. Helping women on my team and watching their success has brought me so much JOY!!!
❤Leading this group of women has been the most rewarding and challenging phase of my life. I have always been taught to lead by example!  I started this journey with a prayer. I can't say I have done this with any other business ventures I have embarked upon. This time it was different. I pray for every single member as they join my team that God lead me in the direction to best lead them. I believe this has made all the difference in the success of my business and those on my team. I strive to be the best example of a leader for my team and that my leadership skills will trickle down for many generations to come.

💋l have gained so many forever friends through this opportunity and grown to love and truly care about them! My team has been so dedicated to help in times of need. I stand in awe at their persistence to climb their way to the top!
As an insider...knowing what I have gained, it has been so hard to legit not scream it from the rooftop!! I just want every woman to have a complete life altering experience as I have!  To have the confidence to be unapologetically themselves.
 2 1/2 years ago I made one of the greatest life changing decisions I have ever made! I did one thing I have never done. I prayed over a "silly" decision. I never fully understood how much God wanted EVERY aspect of my life. This prayer helped guide my decision that would forever change my life, my relationship with God, my family, my personal growth, my leadership, my friendships, my skin, my confidence and my heart. When you fully trust God to lead and guide you with an obedient heart, he will use you and change you! He will bless you in so many things bigger than worldly things. God's got his hands all in this "makeup gig" and has blessed my road less traveled. I have been blessed with the most amazing team of strong God fearing women. A team that I do not doubt were hand picked for this journey with equal purpose as my own. I am forever blessed by the amazing opportunity to use this platform to minister to so many different women, share my testimony and faith to the world. I thank my most amazing uplines for daily encouragement and giving me the tools for success. A huge thank you to our founder Joni Rogers for creating a business built on faith and for the incredible opportunities I would have never dreamed were possible!
My pictures tell a story...a transformation if you will. It’s incredible to go back and look at the progress. The self love and confidence to put that blue dress on! To take a chance on a video production. To be among women...whom we have been taught are the find love and compassion from strangers. The SeneSisterhood is a real thing!!!
If you have made it this far...I want you to have a home in my Tribe! I want to extend the same virtues to you that I have come to love with this company. I want to mentor you, I want to help you see your worth, I want to guide you and fill your cup!

~Behind every successful WOMAN is a tribe of other successful women who have your back.

I promise it won’t be the easiest...but it can be the most rewarding decision you make. If you have a fire in you, big or small I want to help you build a business you will be proud of!

You beautiful, strong, courageous belong in my tribe! Let’s go!!
You belong among the wildflowers. You belong where you feel free!
Join my Boho Vibe Tribe ✌🏽💙🌻​​
Sign up this month and get $110 back to spend on your first order and your personal welcome kit from me valued at $150 😘

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